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collages are freezing

When I try to make a collage,after I put the first pic in,and go to add another it goes blank and have to start over.please fix!

gennifer , 12.09.2012, 04:07

my app. just totally malfunctioned...??? Please.. ADVISE !

Iwas trying out my app. for the 1st.time and I hd a total malfuntion..
Stated to report. Also, thst the app. had to close.
Now, it won't even open.
Thank You,
Stace W.

Stace' Williams, 24.11.2012, 04:05

paid for pro.. no features work.. press on effect and just get download icon..s3

rustem knuvelder, 18.11.2012, 11:57

galaxy s2 skyrocketing. kills my phone!!! have to take battery out because the app freezes my phone!!

Nicole, 15.11.2012, 01:20

I paid for this app, and everytime I choose a catagory, all i get is a blank screen with nothing, just black! I have the samsung galaxy s 2 with ics operating system. why dies this app not work? it worked fine when i had tge gingerbread os in. maybe

sue, 26.10.2012, 16:31

I am using galaxy note 10.1. Whenever i click on process button the app hangs at 59 percentage

Madhan sk, 25.10.2012, 23:47
Idea status: under consideration


cher, 29.12.2012, 04:46
Processing will not go past 33%. :(
markova, 29.12.2012, 07:52
Dear user,
Please try to reinstall the application and check up your internet connection. If the problem persists, please contact Technical support - Support@pho.to

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